Dunham Farms

Laura Devendorf's ancestor

About Dunham Farms

Local History

Dunham Farms has offered old-fashioned Southern hospitality and beautiful coastal refuge for weary visitors seeking peace and restoration since 1755. Springfield Plantation, at the heart of Dunham Farms, is the oldest plantation in Georgia remaining with its original family. The former rice plantation, known as Melon Bluff, surrounds Dunham Farms. It is a 3,000-acre nature and heritage preserve.

Meredith and Laura Devendorf

The Family

The Devendorfs are descendants of a family that came to Liberty County, GA, in 1735 – only two years after Georgia’s founding. Those early settlers received a land grant by King George II of England, which has been in the family ever since.

With over 250 years of tradition, hospitality and stewardship, mother-daughter team Laura and Meredith Devendorf invite 21st century guests to share their piece of heaven on the Georgia coast.