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Dunham Farms' Holiday Festival of Lights and Music

There is no more magical or romantic way to start the Holiday Season than with Illumination Night! Begin the celebration with a cocktail hour and holiday jazz in glorious Live Oak Hall. Stroll the grounds or take wagon tours. Come early to explore the gorgeous riverside plantation grounds before dark when ancient oaks will be transformed into a Starry Night fairyland.

In the twilight just before dinner, guests will be given candles before gathering on the Riverside Lawn for caroling and the lighting of our enormous 24' Christmas tree. From there, revelers will be led through an avenue of lighted trees to the river. Then, the candles, representing holiday hopes and dreams, will be set free on the tide to illuminate the night and begin the holiday season.

Returning to Live Oak Hall, enjoy a concert. Revelers will usher in the ceremonial boar's head and sing the traditional Boar's Head Carol signaling the beginning of the feast!

After dinner, enjoy wagon rides through the beautiful Starry Forest and throughout the illuminated grounds. Stops include Palmyra Cottage, Palmyra Barn B&B and the majestic Cathedral Oak Grove, a fire pit with hot cocoa and marshmallows for roasting, and the Holiday Shop featuring unique gifts and decorations.

Check back in August 2019 for tickets and schedule!

... for going green

Dunham Farms is known for being conservation focused. Our Holiday Festival is "green" as well as festive! We use environmentally-friendly LED lights, decorations are recycled for years to come, and many are handmade or are made from found materials.

... for giving back

Festival proceeds benefit the non-profit, award-winning Seabrook Village Foundation. Seabrook Village is a unique, African-American living history museum on the Georgia coast.

The Seabrook community was established through federal land grants made possible by General Sherman's "forty-acres-and-a-mule" policy. Freedmen settled as landowners on the lands they had worked as slaves. Armed with little but their freedom, a plot of land, and the determination to build a brighter future, the freedmen of Seabrook represent the African-American Pioneer Experience.
Courtesy of americantowns.com.


The Spirit of Christmas and friends take a moment to pet one of the farm's horses.

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